project problem

project problem
THE PROBLEM: Projectors are now extensively used in schools. The life of a bulb is on average around 2300 hours. The cost of the average bulb is around £250. Even with the best will in the world, many projectors are left turned on when they are not required.
A classroom projector uses the same amount of electricity to run as an single bar electric fire! The lives of the bulb and the projector are being wasted if left switched on when not required.
Projector bulbs are damaged by being turned off without the correct power off instructions being followed.

THE SOLUTION: The Bulbmaster is a device which is programmed to automatically power down your projector when not required such as morning, afternoon and lunch breaks. The Bulbmaster can also be programmed to power down your projector for specific events on certain days of the week i.e. 2.00pm for sport on Friday.
The Bulbmaster does not turn the projector back on, so if it is not needed for a lesson the projector remains turned off. In recent trials, projector usage in the classroom was reduced by 80% with the Bulbmaster. This was based on lamp hours used before and after the Bulbmaster installation. So based on a £250 bulb with 2000 hours life, the lamp will last a further 40 school weeks (see Graph) saving £200 per bulb as it will not require changing as soon. The lamp's life has been extended by the Bulbmaster's power management. The pay back time for a Bulbmaster's initial purchase is about 6 months! The lifespan of the projector will also be increased by 80% saving a further 400.00 on each projector. Customers will also benefit from saving electricity with the Bulbmaster. On average, 10 classroom school will could save up to £370.00 per year on electricity alone.
iSYS bulbmaster
If Bulbmasters are installed in several classrooms you will save thousands of pounds by reducing the number of bulbs to be purchased for your projectors. Schools will further benefit from the huge savings on electricity.
The Bulbmaster will pay for itself very quickly. The Bulbmaster gives you the peace of mind that your projectors are correctly powered down when not required. It is a positive step towards reducing the school's carbon footprint, and the running costs are only a few pence per year!
The Bulbmaster is the result of an extensive research and development programme by iSYS. Your projector does not require any modification whatsoever to work with the Bulbmaster and your projector's warranty is not affected. The Bulbmaster is attached to the ceiling pole of each projector or can be wall mounted for use with short throw projectors and flat screen LCD displays. The Bulbmaster will also work with LED projectors helping to prolong their lifespan. The Bulbmaster comes with complete instructions and can be programmed and fitted in minutes. The Bulbmaster is fully CE approved.
The Bulbmaster's custom circuitry is designed to work with your projector to safely power it down without damaging the bulb.The Bulbmaster is not just a time switch - they will damage your bulb.
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